A Few Words from Owner/Director Doug Pierce

Well, the weather seems to have finally turned warm, so summer can’t be too far away! The fast approaching summer season is a very special one for all of us here at Pierce Country Day Camp as we reach the big milestone of our 100th summer anniversary. It has been a real joy of mine to work alongside so many wonderfully talented people and so many of my family members over my 45 year career. I have loved every minute of it!

Over that length of time so much has changed physically on the camp grounds. Activities like boxing in the 50’s and 60’s no longer exists, nor does riflery or rocketry! Where our beautiful Clubhouse now sits used to be our outdoor gymnastics area and a playground.  Today we have fabulous Waterworld, a Junior Olympic-sized indoor pool, air-conditioned dining rooms and buses, and a state-of-the-art athletic complex with a turf field! We sure have been busy improving our facilities and programming to meet the needs of our campers and their families… It’s been a whole lot of FUN!

While much has changed physically over our long history, the original concept was designed by my grandfather “Pop” and continues to offer an orderly environment where kids can play, make friends, gain confidence and grow… this has really very much remained the same. Those same objectives and goals remain at the forefront of our philosophy today. Pierce is a place that smiles… Always has been! It is a place where there is something for everyone and success for all; a safe place to try new things, sharpen skills. It is a place where spirit soars and laughter roars! Summer Celebration 2017 is going to be an amazing summer! We are going to celebrate all summer long as we enjoy each and every day alongside each and every achievement by our great kids and staff.

On behalf of my family we thank all of you…families past, current, and future for being such a special part of this wonderful place. Together we have achieved so much, with so much more before us.

I am so very confident that the future growth and development of Pierce Camps is in extraordinarily capable hands as Courtney and Will take the reins of leadership as fourth generation owner/directors.

So, come on….Let’s Play!

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