Equal Distribution of Self Esteem

64“Young people need models, not critics” and “People are in greater need of our praise when they try and fail, than when they try and succeed” are quotes from John Wooden and Mr. Unknown. These quotes are right in line with how we teach our new and returning staff each summer.

We are well aware that our grounds and overall facility are in great shape and very inviting to our campers. Our collective focus however is to afford the opportunity for children to feel great about themselves. Safety and self-esteem are major themes in our orientations as we drive home our talking points and steer specialists and counselors toward these goals. We tend to be redundant with our important details as we teach Counselors how their awesome contribution to Pierce as role models for the campers who look up to them makes them the most important staff at Pierce.

We demand equality for all youngsters at Pierce to feel great about their accomplishments. We know that our greatest mission is to teach our children that success is measured by trying your hardest and personal growth.


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