New in 2016

What’s New in 2016!?

Hello from Camp!

We have been having a blast putting the finishing touches on what surely will be a summer to remember. We have always re-invested in our operation at very high levels to ensure that the summer experience offered at Pierce is second to none. Take a look at some of the new things you will find this year at camp; we think that you are really going to like it here!

  • TREE-MENDOUS – Just completed… we have had an awesome aerial adventure park constructed where Fort Pierce used to be! Adventurous, creative and exhilarating to say the least! Drop by camp to see this terrific addition to the Pierce campus. It is truly tree-mendous! Designed for all ages, it’s very cool…the kids are going to love it!
  • RHAPSODY- An outdoor musical garden full of inter-active instruments for our budding artists… Kettle drums, Kundo & Goblet drums, an upright Piano, Glockenspiel, a “Sound Wave”, Flying Animato, Metallophone, Grandioso chimes and more. This new area is going to fill the upper playground with joyful sound and creativity! Get ready to make some music…
  • KIDS KOURT- We have significantly juiced our Kids Kourt activity area to provide our 3 through 5 year olds with a more diverse, energized and stimulating curriculum.
  • STAFFING- We are developing a “Skill Certification” program to enrich our fine staff with. Pierce has always placed a very high priority on quality staffing and our ongoing staff training programs. We are very proud of the huge number of staff each year that we provide certification to in CPR, First-Aid Training, Epi-Pen certification and Concussion Awareness training. We have an excellent partnership/relationship with the American Red Cross, and have certified trainers on our own staff as well! We are aggressively recruiting an outstanding staff for this summer and we look forward to working with some very spirited and talented athletes, coaches, teachers and parents for many seasons to come…
  • FABULOUS FIVES- We are adding a pre-camp orientation program for all of our five year old groups this year. We are also going to allow 5 yr. old parents to optionally visit camp once per season during a regularly scheduled morning swim period. Changes are in store for their Pow Wow performances as well.
  • GAGA- Another GAGA court of this very popular Israeli game will be added to Senior Field this year. Kids love this fast-paced game!
  • MENU- Our lunch menu will see some healthy new additions added this summer, along with some popular Asian delights.
  • CLUBS- We have developed a co-ed choice program for our 8 year old boys and girls groups called “clubs”. Clubs will be offered one afternoon period per week for 75 minutes. Activity choices are Studio Art, Cranium Club, tennis, Pierce Sharks swim team practice, basketball and assorted field sports.

Additionally, we are working on a whole host of other improvements including: Further developing our 21st Century Skills initiative, tweaking our camp-wide schedules, lining up a great Special Events calendar, purchasing new vehicles, carpeting additional camp cabins, adding really fun, large pool toys for Wet n’ Wild Wacky Wednesdays, expanding last summer’s popular S.T.E.M. programming and much, much more!

As a family we take great pride in our long time dedication to the enrichment of children. We can’t wait for Summer Celebration 2016, our 99th summer season, to begin! Please give us a call if you have any questions or require any assistance at (516) 621-2211.

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